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FilmShrink 0.3.3 Beta fixes a minor bug introduced in the previous version.


April 1, 2005

What is FilmShrink?

FilmShrink is a DVD-Video backup software for Windows, which transcodes video titles into the RealMedia format (RealVideo / RealAudio 10) powered by the Helix DNA platform. It supports batch encoding, multichannel audio, subtitles, and it has a user-friendly GUI, so it's very easy to use for everyone.


April 1, 2005
FilmShrink 0.3.3 Beta fixes a minor bug introduced in the previous version.

March 31, 2005
FilmShrink 0.3.2 Beta fixes several GUI bugs.

March 25, 2005
FilmShrink 0.3.1 Beta fixes serious memory usage bugs and other problems, so it's highly recommanded to upgrade to this version!

March 24, 2005
FilmShrink 0.3.0 Beta and m2DecPak 1.1.2 SDK are available! The first beta version contains important bugfixes, optimized encoding, intelligent DVD analysis and visual crop adjustment.

March 3, 2005
m2DecPak 1.1.1 SDK with full source code is out! The SDK contains the include files, the compiled libraries, examples and a detailed description about the usage of this package outside FilmShrink.

February 27, 2005
FilmShrink 0.2.8 Alpha is available for download! It fixes NTSC related bugs, contains GUI improvements, manual crop filter, deinterlace and IVTC filters, audio gain filter, advanced video/audio codec options, and lots of other new features.

February 6, 2005
FilmShrink 0.2.7 Alpha is out! It fixes bitrate calculation bugs, has a better remaining time estimation and contains some GUI changes.

February 3, 2005
FilmShrink's homepage is up and running, and the first public release (Version 0.2.6 Alpha) is available for download!

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